Suicidal Tendencies, Meaning in Life, Family Support, and Social Engagement of the Elderly Residing in the Community and in Institutional Settings

Keren Cohen-Louck, PhD, and Yael Aviad-Wilchek, PhD
Department of Criminology, Ariel University, Israel

Isr J Psychiatry – Vol. 57 – No 1 (2020)

רקע כללי: המאמר כתוב באנגלית והוא דן במחקר שמטרתו היא לבחון את הקשר שבין גורמי החוסן- תמיכה משפחתית ומעורבות חברתית לבין רמת הנטיה לאובדנות והמשמעות חיים בקרב קשישים, כפונקציה של סוג מגורים (בבית או במוסד) והמגדר. מסקנות המחקר מצביעים על כך, שככל הנראה תמיכה משפחתית היא גורם חוסן עבור כלל הקשישים, ועל כך שפעילות חברתית ומעורבות חברתית מעניקות לגברים הקשישים המתגוררים במוסדות (הקבוצה בעלת הנטיה הגבוהה ביותר לאובדנות במחקר הנוכחי) משמעות חיים, ואולי אף משמשים כגורמי חוסן מפני הנטיה לאובדנות.


Background: The purpose of this study was to examinethe relationship among the elderly between the resilience factors of family support and social engagement (involvement in leisure activities and relationships with friends) and suicidal tendency levels and meaning in life, as a function of residence type (home or institutional setting) and gender.

Methods:One hundred and ninety-seven elderly people participated, half residing in the community and half in institutional settings (nursing homes and assisted
living). Five questionnaires (socio-demographic, purpose in life, suicidal tendencies, family support and social engagement) were administered to independently functioning residents who provided informed consent for participation in the study.

Results: The study results show that whereas for all participants there was a negative correlation between family support and depression, and a positive correlation
between family support and meaning in life, there was a difference based on residence type. A negative interaction between social engagement and the level of suicidal
tendency, and a positive interaction between social engagement and meaning in life was seen only for elderly people residing in institutional settings. Elderly men living
in institutional settings presented the most difficult picture based on the study variables.

Conclusions: Family support serves as a resilience factor for all the elderly, but activity and social engagement of elderly men living in institutional settings provides
meaning in life and serves as a possible resilience factor against suicidal tendency. 

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suicidal-tendencies -Isr J Psychiatry – Vol. 57 – No 1 (2020)

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