Logotherapy as a Pastoral Tool

Logotherapy as a Pastoral Tool

Author(s): Charles Dickson
Source: Journal of Religion and Health , Jul., 1975, Vol. 14, No. 3 (Jul., 1975), pp. 207-
Published by: Springer
Stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/27505300

The Nazi holocaust of a quarter century ago seemed to have as many victims as survivors. Fortunately for the world of psychology, there was, among the latter, a young Viennese psychiatrist of Jewish parentage named Viktor Frankl. In the time that has elapsed since the end of Nazism the name of Frankl has risen to the forefront among those who are attempting to provide us with some guidelines for understanding human behavior.  Frankl’s work, unlike much of that of his predecessors, leaves open a door for dialogue between the behavioral sciences and theology. This means the opening of some avenues of communication between those whose daily work involves helping people to understand the meaning of their everday behav ior (the psychologist and psychiatrist) and those whose daily work involves helping people to see their everyday behavior in terms of its ultimate signifi cance (the pastor). This communication represents a significant break through in the relation between two major academic disciplines and, in the final analysis, between the practitioners of each discipline. The history of dialogue between the two has been plagued with periods of nondialogue. Practitioners in each area have, more often than not, been reluctant to engage in any significant communication. The zenith periods of Watsonian behaviorism and Adlerian individual psychology seemed to leave little open ground for those in religion to plant any seeds of dialogue. The ostensibly antireligious posture of Freudian psychoanalysis seemed to have served only to widen the gap…..

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